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1. Volunteering / rotation at local hospital (min. 4 weeks) Learn Medical Spanish: half-day Spanish lessons and half day observational rotations for students and professionals in the medical field. 4 to 8 weeks Spanish Course focused particularly on medical vocabulary. Students participate in periodic rotations in the “Clinica de la Fae" or Clinica del IESS in Manta accompanied by a medical resident. 2. Volunteering at the Reneup (2 to 12 weeks) Learn Medical Spanish and volunteering at Reneup (Centro de Rehabilitacion Neurologica Pediatrica)

Option 1: The courses last a minimum of 2 weeks, and a maximum of 12 weeks. Students learn Medical Spanish in the morning and in the afternoon practice it as they volunteer at "RENEUP" a nationally recognized institution dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of infantile development disorders as well as neurological cognitive and sensory disorders. Option 2: The courses last a minimum of 2 weeks, and a maximum of 12 weeks. Students learn Medical Spanish in the afternoon and in the afternoon teach English or help to the main teacher in the Reneup primary school for children integrated with children with neurological problems. 3. SPANISH AND ECOLOGICAL VOLUNTEER PROGRAM (6 to 8 weeks)


Volunteering is a great way to give back, learn about the world and about oneself. We provide this volunteer opportunity in an organic farm combined with a full immersion language learning experience.

Duration: 6 to 8 weeks: 2 to 4 weeks of Individual Spanish classes / 30 hours per week + 4 weeks working as a volunteer in an ecological farm with full immersion in the Manabi culture; farming community doing reforestation, nursery work, sowing seeds, fruit-picking, creation and maintenance of vegetable gardens, compost making and giving classes or working in an environmental school (optional). This is a great opportunity to experience life with a rural Ecuadorian family and learn ecological farming practices. 4. Spanish and Volunteering at Fundacion Shekinah (min. 4 weeks) Learn Spanish half day and help in a local center for street children and children with familiar violence.

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