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Spanish and Surf Classes

The surfing in this area of Ecuador is some of the best in South America, and Manta has several beaches that are perfect for surfers of all levels. December through April is surf season in Manta the water is warm and inviting, the surfing conditions peak. During these months we provide Surf classes every weekday in the afternoons, after your Spanish classes. A class consists of 10 hours of surf lessons per week with Robert, a local surfer and professional instructor. Our instructor speaks Spanish and English and will work with you, starting with theory on the beach, and then taking you out on the waves. More experienced surfers are welcome as well if you are looking for someone to help you improve your technique. Our classes take place on several possible different beaches in Manta, depending on the conditions and the experience levels of the surfers, including Playa Murcielago, San Lorenzo, and and Las Piñas. All equipment and transportation is included in the course fee.

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