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Manta Spanish School

Manta Activo


This program is a fantastic way to not only learn Spanish, but get as much out of your visit in Ecuador as possible. The Manta Activo program takes private classes and adds another immersion element by taking you out of the classroom every day to explore Manta and the surrounding area in an educational way. Outside the classroom education could include visiting national parks, beaches, and excursions to nearby islands with your teacher. But the excursions aren’t just for the fun. Your teacher uses the activities to reinforce the Spanish learnt the classroom. This creates a great balance of presenting new language concepts and real life use of those concepts in an exciting way!


Manta Activo is held Monday through Friday, every week. The course is 30 to 35 hours a week, including class times and time spent out classroom on the local excursions.



Ciudadela Universitaria / Calle U8 entre Ave. Universitaria 2 y 3 - Frente a Piscina Hipatia / Manta-Ecuador 

Email: /
Phone:  +593 5 267 92 06

Cell:  +593 99 9184 735

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