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Manta Spanish School

Comfortable accommodations are a key component of an effective study abroad program. With the goal of providing a variety of options for our students’ needs, we offer two possibilities for housing:


1) Family home-stays

2) Student’s apartments


Student Apartments


Homestays are a great way to really immerse yourself in not only the Spanish language, but also the local culture. Our homestay families are all warm and inviting, and they are eager to welcome you into their homes and share their lives with you during your stay. All our homestay families houses are within a 10-15 minute walk from the school, so it’s not only a good educational option, it’s convenient as well.


Our homestays all provide you with your own room, so that you can have privacy during your stay. You’ll have delicious home cooked meals prepared for you everyday (your choice of 1, 2 or 3 meals a day). Based on our student feedback, the meals themselves make it worth the stay! Your laundry will also be done for you at least once a week.

Our school has a fully furnished apartment available to our students who wish to live more independently than in a homestay. The apartment is fully furnished and has a kitchen stocked with all the equipment you may need. More than one student may be living there at a time, so it can be a fun social environment as well to mix with your fellow students. It is located in the same building as the school, so it is incredibly convenient. It is very close to the beach front, plenty of good local restaurants, a large shopping mall, and very nice supermarket. It’s in a neighborhood where locals live, so there are many opportunities to practice your Spanish if you are the type of person who likes to strike up conversations with people you meet.


The apartments are cleaned daily, but laundry service and meals are not included. There is free cable TV, and Wi-Fi internet. There are local lavaderias close by that will wash your clothes for you and have them back the next day.




Ciudadela Universitaria / Calle U8 entre Ave. Universitaria 2 y 3 - Frente a Piscina Hipatia (portón blanco) / Manta-Ecuador

Email: /
Phone:  +593 5 267 92 06

Cell:  +593 99 9184 735

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