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Traveling Classroom

This is your chance to explore Ecuador and take advantage of everything that this amazingly diverse country has to offer. The Traveling Classroom program gives you a week a four different amazing locations in Ecuador, each with a slightly different culture, climate, and flavor. You’ll be taking classes at four excellent Spanish schools, and taking part in lots of included activities so you can use your week at each location to the fullest.

  • Week 1: Quito

  • Week 2: Jungle or Cuenca

  • Week 3: Manta

  • Week 4: Montanita

Each week you will get 20 hours of Spanish lessons, a cooking class, and a Latin dance class, accommodation. Each location offers trips that show-cases what makes each place unique: Surf trips in Montañita, Isla de Plata trips in Manta, Hot Springs in Quito and Andean Inca Sanctuary tours in Cuenca, to name a few. With this great program, you also have the option to return to your favorite location for another week of the program, or we can book you on a trip to the Galapagos at our student rates!

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