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Manta Spanish School

Come learn Spanish with us at surpacifico, in the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador. We provide a fun, relaxing, and professional environment for you to enjoy yourself as you take on the challenge of learning a new language.

5 reasons to study in Manta


In holidays Manta is the main tourist spot for Ecuadorians. The combination of tropical beaches, climate, which is sunny almost all year long, and people who are warm and friendly by nature will make your stay unforgettable. The only destination in Ecuador where you can practice Kite surfing at very competitive prices. There is a very small percentage of people that can speak another language that is not Spanish, so it’s the perfect place to practice it. It is affordable. Prices in everything will surprise you. You will be able to do much more with little money!
5 reasons why students should study at Surpacifico
Surpacifico is recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador and you will receive a certificate after the course
The school has the buildungsurlaub recognition for German students giving us a guarantee of quality in our courses
Guaranteed communicative method is characterized by rapid progress in real life conversations combined with the intensive study of grammar, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation.
Out-of-class experiences with your teacher such as: visits to national parks, beaches and nearby islands, boat trips, water sports, country excursions, and horseback riding (these activities are optional).
Home-stays with carefully selected families that will interact with you and make you feel you are part of the family. Include meals, a private bedroom and laundry




Ciudadela Universitaria / Calle U8 entre Ave. Universitaria 2 y 3 - Frente a Piscina Hipatia / Manta-Ecuador

Email: /
Phone:  +593 5 267 92 06

Cell:  +593 99 9184 735

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